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Anthill Develop: Earthy Spring

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    Anthill Develop: Earthy Spring - Here is an article about Earthy Spring evolution from Anthill Develop section in The Ants: Underground Kingdom game.


    Once you develop this evolution, you will get additional fuction. The fuction is increasing water production.


    Here is the detail information you need to know to develop this evolution.

    LevelPowerMeatWaterPlantFungusWet SoilSandHoneyCreature RemainsEvolution Fungi LevelOther EvoTimeIncrease Water Production
    215960000003.20001Earthy Spring Level 100:00:08:016,00%
    3241.200000003.80001Earthy Spring Level 200:00:09:219,00%
    4361.600000004.80001Earthy Spring Level 300:00:11:2212,00%
    5511.800000005.80001Earthy Spring Level 400:00:13:2215,00%
    6692.600000007.40001Earthy Spring Level 500:00:18:0318,00%
    7924.2000000010.00001Earthy Spring Level 600:00:23:2421,00%
    81266.0000000014.00001Earthy Spring Level 700:00:29:2524,00%
    916912.0000000022.00001Earthy Spring Level 800:00:40:4827,00%
    1023118.0000000034.00001Earthy Spring Level 900:00:58:1130,00%
    Total23149.14000000108.00001Earthy Spring Level 1000:03:39:1830,00%

    So, to develop this evolution, you need to prepare these materials:

    • 49.140 meats.
    • 108.000 honeydew
    • Speedups worth of 3 hours and 40 minutes.
    Note: The times required really varies depend on the Evolution Fungi level and also some other things that gives Evolution Speed buff.

    After you maxed this evolution, you will get:

    • 231 anthill power (evolution power).
    • The production of water will increase for 30%.


    This evolution is not really helpful for your development since it doesnt give decent effect. But, it is better if you still develop this evolution in early game because you need to max all the evolutions in Anthill Develop to develop Fight Alone evolution in Soldier Healing.


    If there is any question or something to discuss, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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