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Treasure Depot

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    Treasure Depot - Here is an article about Treasure Depot building in The Ants: Underground Kingdom game.

    What is Treasure Depot?

    Treasures obtained by Worker Ants from exploration will be stored here for Anthill development.

    Treasure depot is a new building that occurs after the update on November 2022. This building is working together Worker Ant Habitats and Supreme Worker Ant Habitats. The more Worker Ant Habitats that you have in your anthill, and the higher the level of your Treasure Depot, the result from your Worker Ant exploration will be better.

    There were several types of treasure that could be obtained from each exploration. These treasures are:

    1st Series

    The first series is the list of six first treasures which comes out with the presence of the building. There are three types of blue treasures, two types of purple treasures, and one type of orange treasure. Here are the details for each kind of treasure in the first series.

    1. Green Branch

    Green Branch is one out of three Blue type treasures. Green Branch is a vibrant branch. After activating this treasure, you will get additional buffs:

    • Guardian Ant Attack +1.0%
    • Shooter Ant Defense +1.0%
    • Carrier Ant Health +0.4%

    2. Black Stone

    Black Stone is one out of three Blue type treasures. Black Stone is a rock with mud on it. After activating this treasure, you will get additional buffs:

    • Shooter Ant Attack +1.0%
    • Carrier Ant Defense +1.0%
    • Guardian Ant Health +0.4%

    3. Shiny Mushroom

    Shiny Mushroom is one out of three Blue type treasures. Shiny Mushroom is a tiny mushroom with faint light. After activating this treasure, you will get additional buffs:

    • Carrier Ant Attack +1.0%
    • Guardian Ant Defense +1.0%
    • Shooter Ant Health +0.4%

    4. Weathered Bone

    Weathered Bone is one out of two Purple type treasures. Weathered Bone is s bone that is experienced weathering. After activating this treasure, you will get additional buffs:

    • All Soldier Ants Attack +1.2%

    5. Fluorescent Ore

    Fluorescent Ore is one out of two Purple type treasures. Fluorescent Ore is an ore with fluorescent dots. After activating this treasure, you will get additional buffs:

    • All Soldier Ants Defense +1.2%

    6. Mysterious Fossil

    Mysterious Fossil is the only orange type treasure in the first series. Mysterious Fossil is a fossil with a mysterious appearance. After activating this treasure, you will get additional buffs:

    • All Soldier Ants Health +1.2%
    • Crit Resistance +0.5%

    How to Unlock

    The building will be unlocked once your Queen reached level 18 or higher. You can tap to [Build], then choose [Develop], you can find the Treasure Depot building in that section.

    Upgrading Cost

    You can upgrade Treasure Depot up to level 25. The table below is the details of cost required to upgrade Treasure Depot from level 1 to level 25 along with other requirements.

    LevelPowerMeatWaterPlantFungusWet SoilSandHoneydewQueen LevelTimeExploration Resources

    So, to upgrade this building up to maximum level, you will need:

    • 341.873.000 (342M) meats.
    • 341.873.000 (342M) plants.
    • 48.299.000 (48.3M) fungus
    • 94.385.000 (94.4M) honeydew
    • Speedups worth of 43 days 19 hours 23 minutes.
    Note: The costs above might be lower if you developed Construction Center building, and Stationed Ants for Building like Atta Leafcutter and Atratus Glider.

    After you maxed the level of this building, you will get:

    • 28.925 additional Power (Construction Power).
    • 25% extra resources from each worker ant exploration.

    Stationing Ants

    There is no special ant that can be stationed in this building.


    Since this is a brand-new feature, there are still less tips to give. Many players are still exploring this feature to figure out how to optimize the use of combat buff from this building. However, generally, there are few tips I can suggest you to do. The tips are:

    1. Choose Mysterious Fossil for your orange Treasure of Wishes. I think it is pretty obvious since there is only one Orange Treasure for now.
    2. Choose Weathered Bone Fragment for your Purple Treasure Wishes. The reason is pretty clear, the attack buff is more beneficial for your unit than the defense buff from Fluorescent Ore.
    3. Choose the blue treasure which gives extra attack buff to your main troops. For example, if you are a carrier user, then choose Shiny Mushroom on your blue Treasure Wishes. The reason is the same as choosing the Weathered Bone. Attack buff give more benefits for your unit in early game since it will help in many situations like doing the Groundhog event, or Pangolin event.
    4. You do not need to worry about the other treasure fragment. Since, the chance to get the fragment is actually random. It doesnt mean you will only get the fragment that you wished for. You can also get other treasure fragments by chance. So in the end, you will be able to collect all of the fragments. So it must be good for you to develop the treasure buff which gives advatages to your main troops at the first place.
    5. This last tip is only for those of you who are willing to spend money on the game. Invest some money to unlock all the Supreme Worker Ant Nests. By doing so, you will have more treasure once you are done with the exploration. Since the exploration for 12 hours, it means, you can do the exploration two times a day. And if you unlock all the eight worker ant nests (4 worker ant nests and 4 supreme worker ant nests) you can do 16 explorations daily.

    For now, that are the tips that I could give regarding the Exploration feature from this Treasure Depot building.

    I think that is all I can share about this Treasure Depot building. I will update this article if there is another update for this building and the feature from this building. If you have any idea, tips, or questions about this building, don't hesitate to ask on the comment section below. Thank you for your attention and see you in the next content.

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